Tips to make your Start-up go Viral on Social Media

February 3, 2021

10 Tips to make your Start-up go Viral on Social Media

Today social media has so much power in it. It can change the entire scenario within minutes. With one person sitting in India while the other in America, you can connect, share and learn within seconds. It even benefits businesses; today a person starting a business from a remote area can still prosper and have a global customer base. All thanks to social media!

There are so many advantages of digital marketing for a start-up to go digital. They are: –

  • Cost Effective: – Traditionally it was difficult for a small companies to compete will other small or larger companies. Big companies had enough money to spend on marketing activities and small companies were lacking behind on this. But now digital marketing has made it easier. It is an affordable way of marketing your business to the interested customers. Digital Marketing is cost effective and helps you to save money and get more leads.
Cost Effective

Time is the most significant cost in digital marketing. It takes time to implement strategies and to obtain results from the strategies. The results obtained are however worth your investment in time.

  • Measurable: – It is important to be able to measure the results of a strategy as it will help to determine the growth of your business. Digital marketing allow to track your progress and measure the results of your campaigns.

Each type of digital marketing campaign can be tracked. For example, you can monitor the SEO performance with Google Analytics. 

Tracking results leads to better campaigns as you can see what works for the business and what not. Thus this allows you to save money by optimizing the campaigns.

  • Target Customers: – Targeting people during traditional marketing was a difficult task. Ads were released and the message was sent to all hoping to reach the interested people. But with digital marketing you can reach people who are interested easily, you can directly target those customers who might be interested in your product or services. In digital marketing you can set your target audience and define the audience by attributes such as gender, age, occupation, interests, hobbies and more.
  • Global Reach: – It is common for people to do a little bit of research before buying a product or service. They research and look for products and services online that fits their needs. Thus by utilizing online marketing you can direct these users to your page and provide them with the information they need. By doing so you will build your brand exposure and will be able to reach customers globally through your social account or your content.
  • Flexible: – One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that you can make changes as you go. You have the power to make changes whenever you want or need which is not the case in traditional marketing.

For example, you can update your PPC campaign or tweak ads on social media or optimize SEO campaigns or can even update your content whenever required. Thus digital marketing strategies are flexible which enables you to get the best results.

  • Improved Conversion Rate: – One of the benefits of investing in digital marketing is that the chances of converting a user to a customer are high. This due to the ability of digital marketing to target more specific leads. When the focus is on people who are interested in your business, it creases the chances of converting them into loyal customers of your business thus enabling your business to grow.
Improved Conversion Rate

Thus, it is always beneficial to move online if you want to grow your business and take it to greater heights. But, how can you do so? How can your Start-up go viral?

The answer is simple. Here are a few tips suggested by the best digital marketing companies in Delhi, to help you move forward and make you start-up go viral: –

  1. Master the target audience: – Understanding your target audience is very important before launching any of your product or service. Viral content is only effective if it able to speak to people on itself so effectively that they are eager to share it further.
Master the target audience

At least one marketing persona must be created to start a viral campaign for your start-up by social media marketers. A persona is a representation of the target customer that includes demographic and psychographic information, as well as information related to social media behaviour and content preferences.

Thus it is important to build a marketing personal by talking to real customers and understanding what is important to them when they consider to purchase and share online. All this information will enable you to easily market your content and make for start-up go viral.

  1. Select the appropriate social media platform: – Before creating a content choose a platform in which you want to specialize. Every social media platform is different, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are various platforms on which you can start a viral marketing campaign for your start-up but the content you create should differ depending on the platform you choose.
Select the appropriate social media platform

For example: – To share content on Instagram you can create a series of Instagram stories will compelling captions or you can also post it which will spark viral shares online. But the content created on LinkedIn should be professional and creative and must contain relevant hashtags for more reach.

  1. High Engagement Content: – Social media platforms use algorithms that rank the content on the basis of their likelihood to engage. The contents that are expected to be less engaging are ranked towards the bottom of the page while the high engaging contents are ranked at the top of the page.
High Engagement Content

The contents that create high engagement are rewarded by being amplified to other users while the contents that do not create engagement are removed. The marketers should focus on creating viral content that has high engagement so that their start-up has a greater reach.

  1. Time content for maximum reach: – It is better to time the release of content so that it receives maximum visibility. The timing depends on the preferences and habit of the target audience and social media platform being used. Releasing a content at just the right time will positively impact the performance of your start-up.
  2. Boost visibility with advertising: – It can difficult for start-ups to create a viral content. Thus investing on paid advertisements on social networks will boost the visibility of the campaign. It is better if you create ads targeting a group influential users, as if these influential users re-share the ad then the ads will get broadcasted to a wider audience in an efficient and cost effective way.
  3. Partner with a social media influencer: – It is always advisable to market your product using a known face.  Thus if a social media influence markets your brand then your brand exposure will increase and you will have a greater customer base increasing your conversion rate. It is seen that marketers who employ social media influencers, results in a successful campaign and the strategy is effective. These influencers have the ability to provide brands with improved reach, and can add fuel to a viral marketing campaign.
  4. Measure performance to create better campaigns in the future: – Mentioned as one of the benefits of digital marketing, it can help start-ups to go viral. Start-up can measure the results of their campaigns and improve or change them accordingly to create a more impact and become successful. 

Marketers can use social media analytics tool like Google Analytics to measure performance, and understand what is working and what not. The data collected can help to guide the necessary changes to be made in the campaigns or ads.

  1. Provide a clear call to action: – Through your campaigns make it clear to the viewers as to what to do next if they are interested in addition to liking and sharing the content.
Provide a clear call to action

Provide a clear call to action which directs the viewer to your company’s profile or website. Encouraging audiences to sign up for campaigns like free trials or to make a discounted purchase are some of the effective ways to create a viral marketing campaign to grow your business.

  1. Generate media attention: – A viral campaign on social media is not just enough; it is beneficial if you amplify the message of the brand once the campaign is viral through various media outlets.

A great way to show the media that your brand or content should be in news is by showing them how thousands and millions of people have responded your campaign positively. Before contacting a news organization, prepare a press release which contains all the relevant figures and the contact information.

  1. Share novel content: – If you want you brand to outshine others then go for unusual unique content that does not match the campaigns from other companies. Contents that are great will be remembered forever and contents that are similar to others will be ignored and might even receive negative attention. Thus create an original creative content if you want your start-up to get recognized and grow.

Thus creating a campaign to make your start-up go viral can be challenging. So always remember to first create a campaign that speaks to the target audience in a unique way and secondly measure your campaigns regularly to make changes. Choose the best digital marketing company for your start-up. If you looking fordigital marketing companies in Delhi, then you must contact digiDZN, the bestdigital marketing agency in Delhi NCR. Click here to contact.

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