4 Questions you Should ask your Digital Marketing Agency in Month End?

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December 29, 2020

4 Questions you Should ask your Digital Marketing Agency in Month End?

So, you are connected with a digital marketing agency? But you don’t know what’s happening on your accounts? Or, maybe you’re not sure if that’s how digital marketing is done?

questions you should ask for digital marketing agency.

Well, many questions and dilemmas are there at the end of the month when your digital marketing agency raises a bill. You are in a predicament whether to continue with the agency or not because you really can’t see much results! 

Otherwise, if you are willing to continue, you are genuinely not sure what questions you need to ask at the month-end or how to track the progress in a nutshell. 

There is no magic to do that. However, when you have a list of questions you can quickly and easily track the progress and evaluate the results. 

Hence, here is the list of questions for you that you should ask your digital marketing agency at the end of the month. 

1. Checked the Metrics? 

marketing metrics

Have you ever checked the metrics of the campaigns that your digital marketing company is running? What exactly the type of campaign your company/agency is running? 

Metrics matters a lot. If you are not checking the metrics frequently you may not understand and evaluate the success of your brand on social media. Some of the metrics that matter is listed below:

  • Paid-Ad Campaigns (Cost-per-Conversion) How much quality leads you are getting? Is it even worth running this campaign? Why the cost of conversion is high? 
  • Engagement Campaign – Are you looking for likes, follows, shares, and comments on your social media accounts? Then, you must check and compare the metrics if your social media marketing agency ran engagement social media campaigns! 
  • Reach and Audience – Who all are reaching out to your brand? Is the audience coming to your platform even relevant? These are the questions that you must ask! Without reach and audience, you really can’t analyze if your campaigns are actually running well or not. 

2. Did you check the Reports? 

Did you ever check monthly reports? Did you ever evaluate the reports provided to you? What metrics are included in the reports? Is it a comprehensive report? Would you be able to track the reach, audience, traffic, and impressions? 

check the digital marketing report

There are a plethora of questions that you can ask from the reports themselves! From website traffic, clicks to the audience’s behavior, you have to evaluate every data shared with you or need to ask if you are not doing so! 

You must be able to examine their strategic marketing goals and how these strategies are benefiting in contributing to the ROI? 

Before doing all this do ensure that the reports you are checking are per the scope of the work decided between you & the agency.

3. What are the Plans for the Upcoming Month? 

Did you ask what are the plans for the next month? What will be the marketing strategies for the next month? It is essential to ask the upcoming plans to understand the approach of your digital marketing agency. 

plans for the upcoming month in digital marketing.

What if you aren’t satisfied with what they are planning for your brand promotions and marketing strategies? Hence, it is absolutely vital for you to understand their approach, plans and then move in the direction! 

Remember, nobody knows your business like you do. Agency can support what you intend to do so you have to treat agency as part of your team who should know what is happening in your mind & how do you propose to take your business forward.

4. Are you following the trends?

Is your digital marketing agency following all popular trends? Is your brand catching up with all the latest trends on social media? Well, it is crucial to keep an eye on all popular trends!   

digital marketing trends.

Be it popular hashtags or trends that are flooding over the internet, your social media marketing agency makes sure that your brand covers all of the necessary trends to be at the top of your game! 


So, have you prepared your list of questions? 

Not yet? 

Start preparing it today then because in case, you aren’t satisfied with your current digital marketing agency all your marketing and branding plans will fail somehow! 

But this is definitely not the case with us! 

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