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February 3, 2021

Branding: How to Make or Break your Brand?

Branding gives meaning to a specific organization, company, products or services. It’s a process of creating and shaping a strong positive perception of a company and its products or services in the minds of the customers by using elements such as logo, design, mission statement and theme which is consistent in all marketing communications. It is the organizations strategy to help people quickly identify and experience their brand while giving them a reason to choose their products or services over their competitor’s products or services. 

The objective of branding is to attract new and retain loyal customers and other stakeholders by delivering a product as promised by the brand. Effective branding helps companies to differentiate themselves from the competitors by building a strong loyal customer base.

Who does branding affect?

  • Consumers: – A good brand help consumers to make an easy buying decision when it comes to similar products from different companies. A person will always choose the product from a company brand with which he feels connected to.
  • Employees/Shareholders/Third-parties: – Successful branding strategies help build the company’s reputation. A good brand name acts as goodwill for the company and can affect a range of people from consumers to employees, investors, shareholders, providers and distributors. For example we don’t want to work for a brand with which we do not connect and get inspired.

Marketing is tactical while good branding is strategic. Once you establish a higher objective and define your brand promise then you can start planning your marketing strategy that is focused towards achieving the goals set. There are many tools to create and shape a brand. However, branding can be achieved through: –

  • Brand Definition: – Purpose, values, promise, vision, mission
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Identity: – Name, visual identity design, tone of voice
  • Advertising and Communications: – TV, magazine, radio, outdoor ads, website or mobile apps
  • Product and Packaging Design
  • Sponsoring and Partnerships
  • In-Store experience
  • Workspace Experience and Management Style
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Customer  Service

A unique brand can have a huge impact by giving your company a competitive advantage over your rivals and by helping you acquire and retain customers at a lower cost. Branding change the perception of your brand in people’s mind and can drive new business and also increase brand awareness. Here are a few importance of branding: –

  • Branding gets Recognition: – Branding makes a company get recognised and known to consumers. An important element of branding is the company’s logo which is essentially considered the face of the company. This is the reason my company’s logo should be professionally designed in a way which makes it look powerful and is easy to remember. The logo should make an impression on its viewers in the first glance.
  • It Increases Business Value: – A strong, established brand can increase the business’ value by giving it more leverage in the industry.
  • Generates New Customers: – A good brand has no trouble when it comes to referral marketing. Strong brand means that there is a positive impression about the company and more and more customers want to connect with the company.
  • Improves Employee Pride and Satisfaction: – A well-developed brand may lead to employee being satisfied with their job and have a higher degree of pride as they feel that they are associated with a good company. Working for a company whose brand is reputable makes it enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • Creates Trust within the Marketplace: – A strongly established brand helps the company to build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. People are more likely to trust and work with a company that has polished and professional reputation.

The process of branding is complex and requires careful planning and calculated approach. A strong brand is easy to relate to and draws on values that match well with the target audience. So how do you build a brand for an online shop? Here are a few important steps in E-Commerce branding: –

  • Understand your customers: – In order to communicate effectively you need to identify the elements that influence the target audience such as: What do they like? What motivates them? What attracts them? What do they like about your brand?
  • Define your brand persona: – The brand persona is strongly influenced by the insights gathered about the target audience. It includes: What tone of voice will suit this audience? What images will attract their attention? What type of language will have the biggest effect?
  • Crystalize your brand promise: – What promises are you making to the customers and how will your product or service, make their life better? How will you deliver this promise? Most of the customers think that being transparent is one of the most attractive qualities of a good brand.
  • Perfect your visual assets: – Visual experience is extremely important. A brand’s visual assets are website design, fonts and typography, colour palette, ad designs, logo and the packaging and unboxing experience.
  • Refine customer experience: – You should make sure that every interaction that you have with your customer meets yours brand promise and follows the brand guidelines. Customers are satisfied when the company knows their behaviour and interests pattern and works accordingly to satisfy them. This includes everything such as the return policies, shipping arrangements, email marketing communications and more.
  • Remember to give back: – Show gratitude to customers by running special loyal programs or promotions or by offering free gifts or extended discounts. This will help you to strengthen your brand image and build long term relationship with your customers.

Having a strong brand is not just enough. There are so many companies out there who are also working hard and increasing their customer base day by day. One small mistake and you’ll lose to your competitor. So how can your brand stand out in social media? Here are some tips given by top digital marketing agency in Delhi: –

  1. Use your brand voice: – One of the quickest and easiest ways to stand out on social media is to show what your brand stands for. Through this you will be able to differentiate yourself from completion and attract the right kind of followers.
  2. Theme your Accounts: – its will boost your presence especially on Instagram. Stick to a colour palette and approach and use the same filters to create a distinct look and feel. Themed accounts are visually pleasing and reflects your brand’s experience thus attracting more followers.
  3. Use strong Visuals: – Keeps the images and videos on your social medial accounts as clear as possible and of high quality. Be creative and use features to make your account look more attractive.
  4. Tell a Story or Write compelling Captions: – the way you tell your brands story through the visuals or captions matters the most. Write compelling captions which will only add more value to your audience. Try to connect with your audience by creating conversations and not just speaking.
  5.  Use Network Tool or Mix Up Content: – Use different posting techniques and content types like mix up videos and images and also use plain text posts. Look into how each network operate and explore new features like Live posts, Instagram stories and Live stories, Twitter polls and other tools that can be used to make your account more active and interesting.
  6. Create Recurring Posts or Events: – Engage with your audience by hosting weekly Q&A livestream or share weekly tips or post ‘best of the week’ post. This will help to keep fans coming back each week. This is creative way to connect with your audience, add value and showcase your brand personality.
  7. Have a Strategy in Place: – To keep your brand stand out on social media always have strategy in place before even launching the brand on social media. A well planned strategy will give you a direction and give you time to be creative with you online content. A strategy will help you to be fully prepared for the future and will give you enough time to get creative with your words and posts to support your initiative online. While creating a strategy remember that being consistent is the key to success.

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