June 22, 2022

Capture 50k Reach In Just 15 Days Via Social Media

One of our clients dealing in apparel passed a huge milestone by crossing 50K reach within just 2 weeks, with the help of continuous social media promotional efforts.

On social media, our agency used to post interactive stories in order to boost engagement for the brand. The 3 types of stories include open-ended question answers, polls, testimonials and trending concept-based stories in order to improvise engagement drastically. We also used reels as they are very trending and help to boost engagement quickly. We even uploaded posts on timings which help grab the maximum engagement from the target audience and also maintained a regular schedule.

Brands consider it extremely important to be present on Social Media in order to reach the target audience. One of the major features which enable many brands to select social media marketing is increased brand awareness amongst a wide audience. Social media promotion results in higher conversion rates as and it is a very cost-effective procedure to promote a product. Social media helps to increase traffic for a product and create brand recognition in the market.

We have followed the below-mentioned techniques in order to achieve success on social media for our clients.

1) Go Live And Connect With Followers With Video

Live videos are popular among the audience as they get to interact with the key people running the brand and get to know the minutes and behind the scenes of the brand. Live videos help brands and individuals to expand reach as live videos' chance of appearing in people’s feeds and being viewed by the audience is much higher than normal posts. Live video provides an opportunity and creates a relationship with viewers as it helps to interact with the brand’s important faces, celebrities, influencers etc

2) Tailor Your Content To The Social Media Platform

The artificial intelligence algorithm of social media platforms keeps on changing. The social media platform keeps on adding new features in order to attract user engagement and keep them hooked to the social platforms. Recently Instagram added short musical videos known as Reels which have gained immense popularity among all age groups of audience. Another latest feature added is Shorts on the Youtube platform, which is also a favourite among content creators and bloggers as now they can post daily content that gives small updates about their daily life. Even Facebook cover pictures can be optimised up to a great advantage for brands whose marketing relies greatly on visuals.

3)Post High-Quality Content

Focus On Posting High-Quality Content which is relatable and Unique. By posting unique content you will build a specific target audience for your particular brand on each platform.

4) Join The Relevant Conversation

As an individual account holder, one must take initiative to take part in the latest ongoing conversations amongst high-profile accounts and talk to people in the same niche category. For Instagram and Facebook, one must be updated and regularly comment on ongoing conversations related to our specific niche category.

5) Politely Ask For Feedback And Reviews

Consider the time of your followers extremely valuable and ask them politely to lend a few minutes from their schedules to provide feedback and reviews related to your products and services. They can comment on social platform posts about their opinion related to the products and services as it helps the brand to improvise and inculcate positive feedback into their brand strategy.

6) Consistently Reach Out To New People And Influencers

Interaction with the same niche category people helps to boost engagement for an account. Suppose if you are a digital marketing professional, then you should follow like and tags related to the accounts of fellow digital marketers who have high authority in terms of likes and followers. If your content was collaborative, you can tag the artists, influencers, photographers, etc. This also helps to increase the reach of an account

7) Create A Strategic Schedule

Analyse the insights of your social media accounts and focus on the timings at which you get the maximum engagement from your followers. Posting content during high engagement times and days helps to enhance the reach of the account even further.

8) Create Your Brand Presence

In a competitive world, it is tough to create a brand presence in the marketing world. Hence in order to remain present in the mind of the consumer one has to be consistent with the marketing strategies and forcing the brand image is necessary so that consumers remember your brand.

9) Focus On Visuals

Pictorial representation and visuals have great importance on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. People provide interact widely with visual posts and provide great engagement on such posts. Visuals have a great attention-capturing ability and they are attractive to the eyes.

10) Reward Your Followers

It's the followers who help you in becoming popular on any social media platform. So one should always thank and reward the followers and supporters of our account by organising contests, giveaways, or sharing free premium content with your followers for continuous and effortless engagement.

11) Increase Your Social Media Post Reach

Increase the reach on social media by mentioning location on platforms such as Instagram. People viewing that location’s landing page may see your content and want to follow along. According to a case study by Napoleon Cat using hashtags on Instagram can increase your reach by 20x. Create hashtags unique and specific to one’s brand name in order to increase the brand presence. Whenever a person searches a particular hashtag a few posts specific to that particular hashtag appear which helps in creating a unique identity and reach for that brand.

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