Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs While Dealing with Digital Agency

challenges faced by entrepreneurs

December 3, 2020

Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs While Dealing with Digital Agency

Entrepreneur these days are coming with their own great marketing plans, fresh ideas, and innovation in their products and services. 

But they don’t have time to execute their marketing plans, hence, they hire a digital marketing agency to promote their business. 

We all agree that Entrepreneurs face challenges while coping with a digital agency. Explaining the ideology behind your brand and taking it to the next level when it comes to execution is altogether different. 

And, being an entrepreneur, you DOUBT. You are not sure whether a digital agency can actually promote your brand? You are not sure whether a digital marketing company is competent enough to understand your brand story? And, the series of questions and dilemma goes on! 


Well, we understand your pain because nowadays, anyone and everyone are into digital marketing. However, the question is do they actually understand customer’s requirements? Are they adaptable to customer’s demands? Questions that you need to think upon before you hire a digital agency

If you too are struggling a lot while dealing with your digital marketing company, then here’s what you need to do to eliminate all the disparities. 

1. Get into a Detailed Discussion 

get into detailed discussion

The first and foremost thing to do before you hire any digital agency, you should get into a detailed discussion with them to understand their perspective and try explaining your ideology to them. 

Without a detailed discussion, it is quite obvious you cannot understand how they work. Usually, it happens when you don’t discuss the brand and promotions, there’s a continuous lag between a customer and digital agency and doesn’t resolve till the end. 

Therefore, get involved in a discussion before you take any decision. 

2. Go through their Portfolio 

go through their portfolio

If you haven’t checked the portfolio of your digital agency before hiring, that’s where you did your first mistake! It’s a must for entrepreneurs because then it becomes easy to understand their level of proficiency. 

Moreover, digital marketing is all about CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, CONTENT, and DESIGN that appeal to the audience. Hence, it is important to check out their portfolio in-depth to figure out their work pattern. 

3. KPIs to be Discussed Earlier 

KPIs to be Discussed Earlier

Key Performance Indicators are basically quantifiable goals through which you can measure success. Being an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the KPIs and how positively it will impact your business. 

Every digital marketing agency has their own set KPIs and from their own they set expectations. To track the progress in digital marketing, it is extremely essential to go for smart marketing planning. 

Thus, always discuss the KPIs well in advance, otherwise, you would not be able to track your progress throughout the period. 

4.  Meet their Creative Team 

meet the creative team

If possible, meet the creative team of the digital agency. Be it a quick one, but just meet them for a while to find the perfect ‘CREATIVE ENTHUSIAST.’ Of course, you cannot easily figure out if it’s a dream team to work with. However, the least you can judge is their level of Creativity and Innovation in their content, graphics, and videos. 

5. Proposal – A Must 

proposal must

Finally, it’s the proposal that you must ask from them to analyze and evaluate what will be the marketing plans, budget declaration, channels and platforms targeted, etc. 

Go through each and every point mentioned in the proposal in detail so that you are aware of their perspective towards your brand and its promotions


Ideology is good, but the execution is all that matters. And, if you unintentionally hire a digital agency that’s not up to the mark according to you, all your smashing marketing plans will fail eventually. 

BUT this is definitely not the case with us!

 Check out our portfolio to know more about us.

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