Deco-Arte : Interior Design Studio

August 25, 2020

Deco-Arte : Interior Design Studio

Deco-Arte partnered up with digiDZN in 2019 & has experienced an increase in Keyword Rankings & increased organic reach on both Search Engines as well as key Social Media Platforms since then

WHO IS Deco-Arte is an interior designing studio that provides  complete interior Design solutions for restaurants, offices, hotels, homes and retail spaces.

Objective -

To create a visually appealing Instagram that stands out from the crowd and to generate leads through Social Media Platforms. Adding followers from their target market to their social channels


  • The Interior Designing niche is very competitive with a lot of daily content being published by freelancers, agencies, magazine publications, interior design studios, influencers & even the everyday user showcasing their newly design house.
  • To create aesthetically & visually appealing content while still keeping the authenticity of the original work intact, after all the clients are DESIGNER themselves
  • Generate Leads in a highly competitive market

Our Approach

  • Content - Picking up references & inspiration from the Client’s work to align our creativity with theirs
  • Daily Organic Posting: 1 Post & 3 Stories everyday for all days of the week.
  • A set marketing budget for each of the Client’s expectation in terms of Followers on all social media platforms and aligning it with