January 20, 2022

Did You Adapt Your Business To These Changed Marketing Trends Post Pandemic?

Do you see your competitors using Social Media, whatsapp, Google ads better than you do?

Do you see your competitors getting more active online & have a better online presence than you could?

Do you think you wasted time on Netflix that you could have used to build your online business better?


So you actually agree that you are a little late in jumping on the opportunities that developed in the last 2 years of the pandemic.


A couple of years ago, everyone was busy talking about how mobile device use would overtake desktop computer use and how companies needed to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Now, here we are just 2 years later, and there are already bigger marketing changes looming on the horizon. 


So if you did not adapt your business to these changing marketing trends post-pandemic, DO NOT WORRY – read along to see how you can get back on track.



A relevant content shout out by a relevant micro influencer caused a customer of ours into women-apparel to sell 23 outfits in 1 single day. The cost was Rs.8000.


Micro-influencers are more niche than your average big-name social media account, as they’re more personal and tied to a single community, interest, or product. As a result, when a micro-influencer posts something, that content can be seen by 20 times more people because it’s being pushed out into a great space of customers. In addition, 86% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising!

Increased SEO usage & Increased website traffic

Working from home has considerably changed the mindset of the customer – what they were earlier NOT OK to buy without seeing, they now easily commit to buying any product/service by just comparing online.


The number of companies that use Search Engine Optimization as part of their marketing strategies has increased by almost 25%. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider using an online marketing agency to help you develop a strategic approach to SEO.


There are several ways you can increase website traffic to your site, from SEO to link building. If you want to adapt your business to these changing marketing trends post-pandemic, you need a reliable online marketing agency. An expert online marketing agency can help grow your presence and increase traffic to your website.

One thing that might help get you started on how to increase website traffic is to be sure all of your social media profiles are active so people can follow and like them.


Optimizing content for Mobile

Over 90% of the global internet population uses mobile to access the internet. India is no different. 


Is your website optimized for mobile. We often see development of our websites on desktops/laptops forgetting that we need to see the same on mobiles too. 


Also, it’s no secret that Google favors sites with mobile-friendly content, so it’s important to optimize your site to meet these changing standards. Mobile optimization is a continuous process – with frequent changes to Google algorithm and user behavior. Therefore, it is best to keep up-to-date on Google’s latest announcements related to mobile search and make adjustments as necessary to avoid losing rankings.

Integrate your digital marketing strategy to promote your business online

Many years back, advertising was focused on creating and distributing brochures, print ads, direct mailers, a few radio spots, and TV commercials. The brand wanted to approach the same audience through multiple mediums to get their mind share.


While these traditional methods are still effective today, they aren’t as successful as they used to be. They have been replaced by social media, whatsapp, emailers, websites, branded audio content & so much more. All such digital mediums allow you to target your audience very pin pointedly. 

Multiple-use of digital channels on the same set of audience works the same way – getting the mindshare of the customer. When a potential customer sees us on social media, then sees our targeted ad on websites, gets our email in his inbox, and goes to check on our website – all such mediums should look coherent to him for him to make a decision on us that yes, this brands looks good – I can go for it.

Advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing

It is very difficult for one person to keep track of all the changes & implement them in his business – one should rather focus on his business. 


Doing digital marketing in-house can often be time-consuming and expensive. Some have estimated that a successful business will spend lakhs per month on digital marketing. However, with so many small businesses just getting off their feet, such an expense is usually not feasible for most startups. As a result, many outsource their online marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency. 

Why should you hire a digital marketing agency?

Now that we know that our business needs to develop online channel too, we should look for hiring a Digital marketing agency that has enough in-house staff in good numbers with necessary technical qualifications. 


Your business is the most precious asset of yours – it would be a pity to leave it to inexperienced hands of 1 freelancer.

Importance of someone who could guide you & your brand on ever-evolving & ever-changing trends while you concentrate on your business

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