Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

Digital Marketing_ Expectations Vs Reality

October 10, 2020

Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

It’s no surprise that Digital Marketing has impacted humanity and the working lifestyle at a much higher level.  Especially, the advent of social media has increased many possibilities and opportunities for almost every business to rise and take themselves to a different level. Expanding their reach and audience is what the businesses are up to and focused on in the contemporary days because digital marketing has been considered the best alternative to grow one’s business and services. 

There have been many assumptions about digital marketing and its services among the customers or clients to hire a Digital Marketing Agency as a back to grow their reach. There is a huge difference between the expectations and reality of the customers for Digital Marketing. 

Anyway, imagine a scenario where you are thinking about a Digital Agency to hire. What are the Expectations versus reality with regards to working with a Digital Marketing firm? The data may astonish you–particularly in case if you’re hoping to hire one to deal with your paid media.

Here are a few expectations that the businesses or customers typically have while hiring a digital firm.

Expectation: Digital Marketing is Just For Big Firms!

Digital Marketing

Reality: If you are maintaining a business and offering services, it doesn’t matter big or small, you just need to be online. Once your business is on the web, Digital marketing becomes a basic need for your business.

Imagine you are showcasing your products and services to individuals younger than 34, you can’t afford to be invisible on the Internet. 

If in case anybody is keen on your services, the primary thing he will do is, search for you on the web and accumulate more data. Presently, the time has changed, and having a disconnected business, is the story of the past. 

The truth is that Digital marketing is for everybody –  Huge, small, old, new, etc.

Expectation: The More Visibility, The More Business!

Reality: Here, the reality is far more different than the Expectation.

We surely realize that traffic is a much important factor for attracting leads. Most importantly, do you simply need traffic or you need significant traffic? 

You might think, What’s the difference here? If you sell mobile phones, at that point you should need individuals keen on electronics, not in something different. 

The most significant thing to remember is your conversion rate. Through numerous strategies, you can carry billions of viewers to your site, however, if your website is slow, they will never return to it. 

Hence, the reality is – The more relevant the traffic, The more Business!

Expectation: Digital Marketing Means More Money!

Reality: If you believe that simply having a Digital Marketing Strategy is sufficient, then you really need to change those beliefs. 

Above all, you need a decent Digital marketing Approach that will actually pay off, and to get it going, you need to talk to an expert digital marketer before executing any new strategy. 

Surely, you can get more cash-flow with the assistance of Digital Marketing but only if the correct methods and strategies are applied to it. 

Expectation: Expanding Brand Awareness Leads To Conversion Increase

Awareness Leads To Conversion Increase

Reality: Only in the case, if You’re Optimizing for Conversions. 

For a long while, numerous digital marketers have trusted in a “spray and pray” way to deal with marketing strategies but in the current scenario, brand awareness doesn’t generally mean anything except if you know your best-fit audience and until you drive them to convert. 

Expectation: Paid Ads Amazingly Increase The Traffic

Reality: Paid advertisement builds visibility yet it’s not guaranteed. 

Your content always must be on top. Although Paid promotions give more access to the user, it doesn’t improve the quality of your advertisement. 

A user will possibly tap on your promotion if the advertisement will be appealing to him. 

The truth is, although paid advertisements can expand the traffic, however, the quality of the material also plays a significant part in this.

Expectation: It Is Not At All Difficult To Come Up With Creative Business Ideas!

Creative Business Ideas

Reality: It tends to be hard sometimes, to discover good thoughts for your digital marketing campaign. One of the large realities is that you can’t get results instantly. 

Digital Marketing specialists consistently attempt to get new and innovative thoughts for your business. It’s significant for your business to consider new ideas. Imaginative thoughts with your promoting efforts can draw in new clients for your business. 

It tends to be hard to get time to come up with imaginative ideas while you are trying to build up or maintain your business. That is the reason there are numerous individuals who depend on an expert digital marketing organization to examine the market. 

It is not always necessary that you will get a creative idea and that will work! The reality is, you need to try and experiment because digital marketing is all about experimenting with your thoughts.

Expectation: Creating Unique Social Media Content Is All That You Need!

Reality: You may imagine that making unique and great social media content is adequate for your marketing strategy. The truth is somewhat far away from this. If you need to prevail over your competitors, you should make top-notch content. It can be a video, picture, or audio, it must be amazing and inventive.

You ought to consistently have a great approach to drive your information on the web to get more consideration. 

The reality is that a unique content or material isn’t sufficient for online media, you have to understand the procedure of building engagement on the same.


We can say that digital marketing is genuinely a necessary approach to rise your business these days but doing it accurately by utilizing suitable strategies and methods is more important. 

Every one of your expectations can be satisfied if your Digital Marketing Professionals are following the patterns and in new ways. 

If you want your business to rise at a much higher level using unique and professional business strategies, digiDZN is the best fit! 

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