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February 10, 2021

How a Consumer Products business increased its sales by 50% in 1 month using Facebook

Very recently we were able to achieve terrific results within just one month period for a Consumer Beauty Products business.

Here’s a quick recap of how this business increased 50% sales through Facebook Conversion Ads. 

1. Crafted compelling ad strategy with some great offers/deals/discount codes/free shipping to the customers is proven to work. Usually, people don’t buy directly from the website of new brands, specially the ones selling premium products. 98 to 99% users leave the website until & unless there’s something enticing to offer! 

Crafted compelling ad strategy

2. Demography & Interest-Based Targeting – we segregated it as per location, gender, age, education, relationship & many more parameters to suit our consumer product client. During the campaign, the Facebook & Instagram page reached about 90.9k audience and showed 50% Increase in website taps within a month. 

Demography & Interest-Based Targeting

3. Driving quality traffic on the website through Facebook PPC advertising. 

fb PPC advertising
  • Increase in Online Store Sessions – 45%
  • Increase in Average Order Value – 43%
  • Returning Customer Rate – 51%
  • Increase in Total Sales – 50%

4. Facebook advertising isn’t hard but not easy either because customers don’t buy in the first visit. They will try to interact with the brand through multiple channels before they make a purchase. Hence, we had to constantly monitor the ad campaigns and then, refining & optimising them on the basis of results we were getting. 

5. However, this wasn’t enough. We had to run remarketing ads with the same audience simply emphasizing on brand recall strategy to invoke the interest of the audience. 

 run remarketing ads

6. After a month of continuous efforts, ads optimization, the business increased 50% sales on the website through Facebook Ads. 

Getting traffic on your website could be easy but getting conversions for your business – definitely not so easy! 

The above case study shows that Facebook still remains a platform of choice. It has a huge market, ready-made for businesses to sell their products and services. 

Yes we know many of you think Facebook is dead, Instagram is ‘in’ but do you know there are approximately 1.39 BILLION ACTIVE USERS on Facebook and many of them with spending capacities? 

Driving customers (not visitors) through Facebook Ads is a great business opportunity to increase website sales. 

As you saw, a great way to kickstart conversion-based sales is through Facebook Lead Gen Ad Campaign. FB advertising processes allows you to get access to an audience that might be interested in your products/offers. 

Therefore, crafting irresistible FB ads is a must that directly lasers in on your target audience. 


So, what essential factors you need to consider while creating Facebook Ads is an enthralling copy, simple design, and call-to-action – altogether to help you reach your target audience just like this business did – 50% Increase in Sales gaining potential customers for the business along with great brand building across all channels. 

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