July 8, 2021

How to use Social Listening to Boost Your Brand’s Reputation?

Building an impressive online image is the most important return on investment of all the time, money, and energy you invest in your social media strategy, but it’s important that you truly understand people’s perceptions of your product and your brand.

It is not easy to get rid of all the noise on social media to get the accurate opinions of the audience. Social media provides a platform for users to discover, discuss and understand different brands. Manually retrieving all conversations is an almost impossible and inconvenient task. There is too much content and competition competing for the particular set of audience’s attention. So, what makes you stand out? This is where social listening comes in. Social listening enables brands to follow, analyse and process conversations about them on social media. This is an important part of audience research.

As a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR that provides one of the most advanced and accurate online media monitoring tools and digital marketing company services, we can share some useful tips with you. Social listening is the analysis of conversations, behaviours, mentions, and other data from social media to measure the performance improvement of the business. To track changing consumer preferences promptly and discover problems, deep social awareness is required. There is no doubt that social listening can help you grow your business. Social media channels help manage customer complaints or track competitors’ movements, but this is not all. Social listening should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Social Listening 



Social listening is to fully understand your brand, industry, competitors, and concerns about your brand. Social listening is more than just monitoring conversations. This will give you an idea of what actions you can take on the collected data. When developing a social media strategy, you usually focus on metrics such as engagement, reach, fan growth, and cost-per-click. Data and numbers almost completely determine your business strategy. They usually check the quality aspects of any conversations that occur around you. These numbers can sometimes be overwhelming, don’t worry you can just easily get a digital marketing company in Delhi to do this work for you. Social listening can help you track the total number of mentions of your brand on social media and the audience’s attitude towards your brand.


  1. Content is the KING

If you listen to social conversations about your industry and brand, you will learn more about the questions people are asking and the information they want. This information will help you design content marketing campaigns to communicate with customers more clearly and meet customer needs efficiently.



  1. Use Social Listening for Better Understanding of What Your Target Audience Thinks.

As mentioned earlier, social listening can give you insight into your target audience- demographics, online behaviour, interests, dislikes, etc. You only need to choose the right keywords to collect the data you need. Social listening tools can collect and analyse real-time data and historical data at the same time. This allows you to view demographic and behavioural information at a glance. You can see what people are talking about online, how they are classified by gender, and which countries these conversations are happening in…


  1. Use Social Listening to Monitor your Brand

All conversations about your brand are important aspects that affect your brand’s online reputation. Therefore, you need a reliable social media listening tool to eavesdrop on all the conversations of the audience in order to capture the overall emotions of the audience. First, you need to set up your request. You can track your brand name, related keywords or hashtags, and track all conversations and mentions around you. After entering your query keywords, the tool will guide you to see an overview of all conversations. An important aspect of determining a brand’s online reputation is to measure the volume of conversation surrounding your brand. The tool tracks the total number of conversations surrounding your brand, as well as the reach and interactions surrounding those conversations. After all, it’s important to understand the number of conversations that are taking place around your brand, as well as the volume and engagement of those conversations.


  1. Analysing the Data Gathered from Social Listening Tool


As you know, social media listening data provides important information about your brand and can help you improve your brand’s reputation. What is the point of solving all these issues if you do not analyse the data and make reasonable and informed decisions? Analysing the collected data is the most important step in making more informed decisions for your brand, which can in turn increase your brand’s influence and participation. In addition, analyse what your competitors are doing to learn from them and optimize your strategy for profit to gain a certain competitive advantage.


  1. Top 10 social listening tools

We have selected the top social media listening and tracking tools for you. Whether you are looking for reliable and affordable social media listening software or more advanced business solutions, this list can meet your needs! Some social media listening tools target social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Other tools collect and analyse online mentions of your brand, including social media and other platforms. The social listening tool will look for the exact keywords you entered, so be sure to add all variations of spelling whether British or American.

  1. Brand24

  2. Brandwatch

  3. Tweetdeck

  4. Tweetreach

  5. Buffer

  6. Sprout Social

  7. Keyhole

We hope these steps can help you understand why social listening is important and provide some guidance on how to integrate social listening into your existing marketing plan. If you want to learn more about how digiDZN, one of the best companies for digital marketing, provides social listening solutions, please contact us immediately.

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