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June 11, 2021

How we helped a client double his organic searches in 3 months.


Growing a website organically is a game of chess. It requires patience & hard work. Everyone claims to have it, but lose it pretty early. The initial months & money spent on building the reputation points with search engines look like sunk cost.

A quick comparison is made spending same time & money with Google Adwords or other such campaigns and a quick, but wrong, decision made of focusing on Adwords than working organically on the site.

Let us see how organic searches grow and with time can produce exponential results.

Case Study 1

This client was stuck at around 200-250 searches for last few months. From around 250 (in October) the organic searches have grown to nearly 500 in Dec already (till Dec 25). 

With daily organic search already hitting 50 mark, we are looking for organic searches to stay between 800-1000 in the month of January. 

Comparing the cost where each click costs an average Rs.25-30 per click, we are looking at about Rs.25000 worth of traffic coming to the site organically from next month onwards. And it is only set to grow from here.

So how did we achieve it?

We followed simple but disciplined & diligent steps:

Testing the technicals of the site

Getting the On Page SEO right

Checking which all pages the traffic was coming onto

Building cross linking across the site

Optimising pages the traffic was coming onto

Changing the page experience a user may have on landing

Updating content relevantly & regularly on those pages where the traffic was coming, as per the keywords research 

The results were there to see. Will share the January results too.

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