Instagram Story Hacks: 5 things You Should Know

instagram story hacks

November 18, 2020

Instagram Story Hacks: 5 things You Should Know

instagram story hacks 2020

Does your squad call you an Instagram queen? But do you really think you are?

Instagram is, undoubtedly, the most engaging platform at present. If you always strive to make your profile somewhat unique or out of the box, you need to have a few hacks in mind, especially when it comes to uploading Instagram stories. 

If you are an official or personal brand, and want your overall profile to look it’s best, digiDZN has got you for your profile building.  

Here are the top 5 Instagram hacks to consider and try to engage your audience and maybe get new ones.

Top Instagram Hacks No One Will Tell You!

  • Create a GIF
creating a GIF

If you are the one who generally posts or uploads still pictures on your stories, the first and foremost thing for you to do is to start creating a GIF. Posting just pictures on both your wall and stories can be quite boring and frustrating for your followers to see the same thing every day. 

You can try creating boomerangs or GIF to add a new flavour to your old cliched posts.

It is never a bad option to keep testing new media formats to get your audience or followers engaged.

  • Drop Shadow Effect to your Text
Drop Shadow Effect to your Text

Write your text by selecting the Aa (Text) icon on the top right corner of your Instagram story screen. Tap the Aa symbol again, choose different colors, and type the same text for the second time. Move one layer of text over the other, however, put it a bit off-center so the base layer actually shows. 

Note that on the off chance that you resize or point the content, it’s not as simple to arrange the layers.

  • Create a Solid Background
create a solid background

In the event that you wish to add something unique or different to your Story but don’t want to show a photograph or video, composing a solid background is all that you need! 

To begin with, you’ll have to upload any type of picture that is quite related to what you want to convey – since you will cover it up, it doesn’t make much difference what you use.

Choose the pen symbol on the upper right, pick the marker or neon brush, and pick a color. Tap and hold the screen for a couple of moments – it will load up with the solid color you have picked. If in case you need to uncover a touch of the photograph or video, you can either try the eraser icon to show a piece of it or the chisel tip brush for a translucent effect, rather than a strong and dark shade.

  • Make a Color Fog
Make a Color Fog or transparent overlay for instagram

Ever heard of color fog in your story? This hack is quite a secret till now and not many people know about this.

The best way to make a part of your picture foggy is to add an emoji that has the exact color shade you need for the haze and expand it. At the moment it extends, it’ll add foggy or dim shade over a piece of your picture. This can be really impactful to add a different texture to a somewhat plain picture.

  • Choose a custom color
choose a random or custom color

Sometimes, the usual color shades don’t exactly cut it for clients who need to remain in accordance with their own or organizational branding. You have the choice to add virtual color shades by just tapping the pen or text option on the top right corner of your story screen. After that, tap and hold any default color to raise more alternative color shades in the shading slider. Swipe to pick your particular tone.


out of the box instagram stories conclusion

So now that you know what hacks to use for your ‘out of the box’ Instagram stories, try to be as creative as you can! To be more innovative in your Instagram stories and engage your audience well, get in touch with the Social Media marketing experts of digiDZN. Because we know how to invoke the interest of your audience!

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