Maven stainless is a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel pipes & tubes having products in every desired shape & size..

Objective -

To engage their existing network of Dealers, Fabricators, Interior Designers & Builders on Social Media Platforms & Increase brand visibility amongst the competition.

Challenges -

i) We had to start working on a fresh account where everything had to be done from scratch.

ii) The Client had a b2b product with a very niche target audience

iii) ROI was getting engagement from only & only the target audience

Our Approach-

i) Determined marketing channel mix and approach by creating audience profiles based on client’s inputs & data of the dealer network and catering to all sets of target audiences individually by promoting relevant content.

ii) After creating a base with relevant content for all audiences we planned a creative engagement campaign to target a broad set of audiences while encouraging the current dealer network to participate in the campaign.

iii) Using data provided by the client we targeted the existing dealer network & also created lookalike audiences to increase the reach of the campaign.


i) The initial user education phase was slow as expected but we gained good traction and were able to place the brand Maven Stainless amongst their competitors with a much higher marketing budget.

iI) The engagement campaign was a huge success, we will let the video talk for us -