Milton Home Appliances is a 20 year+ old brand with 6 million+ happy customers of their kitchen appliances. They are a household brand all across India.

Objective -

The goal was to successfully launch Milton Home Appliances on all major eCommerce Platforms & help them make the paradigm shift from Offline to Online.

Challenges -

i) The Brand had no existing infrastructure to operate & execute eCommerce business.

ii) There was no brand awareness on any social media or eCommerce Platforms

Our Approach-

i) We evaluated top selling products on eCommerce Platforms from our niche and selected relevant products from the brand’s product range.

ii) The main goal was to initially get a little bit of traction so as to get things moving for us to start spending aggressively on promotions.

iii) Started with paid campaigns after 2 months with ACOS% being 14%