May 24, 2022

Tips and Tricks to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

In the present scenario ,Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for marketing products.The feature of prominence of using visual content makes Instagram a desirable platform for every marketer as it pays major focus on pictorial marketing. Instagram as an online platform allows marketers to reach a wide customer base and know their feedback related to the products .Instagram also allows the marketers to be aware about what all tricks their competitors are using in order to advertise their product.One of our clients who has a Clothing business recently started marketing their small business online and received exceptional engagement on Instagram platform. They received 85%growth in followers along with 75% increase in comments after following the strategies which have been mentioned below.He also managed to generate 60% more sales as he received a lot of orders on Instagram as clients were impressed by the pictorial marketing of the clothes.They also received a lot of new customer leads which had put general enquiries on Instagram messaging .So, here are some of the tips and tricks which will help you to increase the engagement for your company on Instagram in 2022.

1.Post In A Continuous And Routine Manner

One must maintain a proper schedule in which they post updates on social media in order to market themselves. The marketing post updates on Instagram should have a proper post routine. This could be alternate days or every third day in order to maintain a proper timetable for the posts. The posts can also have a designated time of the day at which they are posted in order to maximize engagement.

2.Use Instagram Insight Analytics To Improvise Engagement

Instagram analytics provide information regarding the days and times at which consumers are most active during the day and provide maximum engagement to the organization marketing their products or service online. Instagram insights also showcase that the business is popular among which gender or the age group category of people. So such insight information helps marketers to create content which is more targeted towards a particular audience.

3.Try Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a platform which has become popular among audiences of all age groups .Since Instagram reels are in video format the audience finds them really interactive as well as entertaining. They offer a huge amount of engagement online .Reels are a creative platform where advertisers can play with different kinds of audio and also they can adapt to the various viral trends which are going on. For example - jewellery business owners started using the song ‘chand baliyan’ in order to advertise their silver earrings. Instagram Reels have the feature of being visible more often on the explore page, which hence offers more chance of display for your brand.

4.Experiment with Instagram live

Live videos are a great opportunity for the target audience customers to interact with concerned brand persons/marketers/owners directly and learn more about the brand . Live videos are also used to show day to day development scenes regarding your business, behind the scenes, and even events that can be showcased live online. Instagram Live is a great option for the special events which otherwise have a limited audience allowance facility, so this helps in garnering more interest and feedback from a wider audience.

5.Interact With The Same Niche Category pages

Supposedly if your brand deals in fashion apparel for boys, then they should follow, like, comment and save posts related to the boy's fashion pages . Following this technique helps in increasing the engagement rate on the Instagram platform as it is similar to the main base category page. If you follow pages which match your main base category page so it is part of Instagram's artificial intelligence algorithm and will help garner more engagement automatically.

6.Add Link To Instagram Stories

By adding a link option to Instagram stories we can link any webpage, articles, or blogs related to the content of our page. So this feature of link adding helps in increasing engagement by not only increasing website traffic but also increasing overall engagement of our page as people stop by to read information which interests them and end up also viewing the normal posts of our brand. With the help of the link feature, there is a lot of engagement on the stories for our company.

7.Share Relatable Memes

By sharing memes, consumers feel associated with a brand as memes add a personal touch to the otherwise monotonous branding pages. Memes add fun and entertainment value to the regular marketing strategy of the brands. Even stressful situations can be created into memes so that people can relate better and feel they exist together and can cope with anything together in a society.

8.Share Carousel Posts

Upload carousel posts as they allow the customers to post bulk information and related theme topic graphics together at once. Carousel posts drive massive engagement as you can share up to 10 pictures and videos together in a single post . Carousel posts are often used to display a story form of content which is in continuity. Carousel posts are a favourite among the E-Commerce industry as now various types of a single product can be shown together in a single post.

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