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February 3, 2021

Tips to Increase Local Store Visits

Have you ever wondered how you can improve a business’s visibility to people located near you geographically? Or, why are search engines a great place for a business to be found? Never? Well, it’s the right time to reflect on the same! 

You can’t agree more that online shopping is rapidly increasing among the customers, but what remains the preferred choice is to visit the store. Visiting the store is still preferred by the customers to buy at their ease and explore as they want to. However, one thing that customers prefer to do is ‘Online Research’ before they step out from their home to visit the store. So, in a way, you can say that their decision to buy products is determined on the basis of what they will figure out online. 

In 2010, almost 10 years back, a survey was conducted by the BIA and ConStat firm stating that 97% of customers research about the purchase they are will to make in the future through online media. Out of which, 90% customers search directly through search engines. 

Now, we are in 2020, i.e. almost after 10 years, the pattern of consumer shopping is still the same. It’s just that the search engines that changed the algorithms and made it even more advanced. With the right local SEO strategy, you can target the 97% audience, ultimately, influencing them to visit your store. 


Nowadays, everyone is practising the best local optimization and SEO strategies to be found on search engines. On the contrary, customers are getting pretty smart when it’s about shopping because they are now making more informed decisions than ever. Not every customer will go after brand. Some choose to go for the local brand stores that are geographically near their place. And, with the ‘near me’ option on Google, everything has been changed. 

Tips to Increase Local Store Visits

For instance – When you plan to buy grocery item for your home, you must have tried typing ‘Grocery near me’ on Google search to check all the options available, isn’t it? And, the options or list that will come to you will be presented based on local searches and optimization. 

In addition, do you know 34% of people search ‘near me’ on google and figure out a local store they would prefer to visit? Also, 20% of Google searches are for the local businesses or brands, out of which, 45% of done through mobile searches. 

Tips to Increase Local Store Visits

So now, it must be evident why you need to improve your local SEO to increase your store visits. 


Well, there’s no specific rule of thumb to increase the local store visits. However, there are various tactics and strategies, especially local SEO thing to be found on search engines. 

Let’s move ahead and understand what are they!

#Google My Business 


Google My Business or GMB is an impactful strategy to get your business found on local search results. Businesses are implementing effective ways to do GMB. And, Google shows the top three GMB pages whenever a customer put his/her query. To be on that list of three, you have to focus on improving your Google My Business profile. It includes:

  • Correct Address 
  • Official Website 
  • Landline or Other Contact Number 
  • Timings of Store/Shop 
  • Use the right category of your business 
  • Link that redirects lead to your website

Just make sure you do integrate everything and with proper relevance to target the audience and increase the footfall. 

#Google Reviews 

No introduction is needed for Google Reviews. Everyone knows how essential it is for the businesses, yet local brands or business owners don’t incorporate it to increase the visits of the customers. 

Google Reviews

Do you know 88% of consumers prefer to read online reviews before they step out to buy any product? Now, you must have understood how crucial Google reviews are for the businesses along with its benefits for local SEO. 

Whenever a customer drops their query on Google, based on the industry and relevance, the top three results are shown along with the ratings. So, if you have poor ratings, your local shop won’t even appear on the search results as per Google algorithms. Hence, get more reviews on Google profile with 4 to 5-star ratings. Just to keep it genuine, you can get it done from your existing customers. 

#Mobile-Friendly Website 

As mentioned above, 40% of searches are done through mobile devices. Just like you and I, everyone else prefers to use their smartphones to make any search on Google. So now, it means that If you are planning to be on the top searches, you definitely need a website which mobile-friendly. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

In case, if you have a website which isn’t mobile responsive, or takes too much time to load on mobile devices, then you’ll lose out on your customers. It is vital to get your website revamped as soon as possible not just to make it mobile-friendly, but search-friendly too. 

Therefore, before you take any further step to optimize your local SEO, make sure that your website is highly responsive for all kinds of prospects to drop their query. 

#Keep same NAP 

NAP? Name, Address and Phone Number, simple and easy to implement. Nevertheless, many local business owners have incorrect information across all platforms, be it social media, website or local citations. 

Keep all your information or business details the same on all platforms because most of the times, it is confusing for Google as well as customers. Moreover, if you have mentioned incorrect NAP details, Google will penalize sooner or later. 

Hence, every detail and information should be correct and genuine to appear on the local search results and increase the store visits. 

And, the list continues. There’s one great thing to do to appear on the top local searches for your business, i.e. Blogging. If your website has a blog section, then don’t forget to mention all the local events, activities, local brands using the right keywords and fresh content. 


Now, you must have understood how you could improve your business’s visibility to people located near you! When the percentage is too high for local searches, so should be the strategy to attract the prospects. Are you searching for professionals to improve the store visit of your brand? Hire a Digital Marketing Company with experienced SEO experts to plan and implement the best local SEO strategy. And, we at DigiDZN help businesses to improve the local searches of their business. Hence, we are recognized as one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi to increase your local store visits along with rankings on the search engine.

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