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June 10, 2021

Tips to Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Emails have given a new avenue to the marketing strategy, and most of us include email marketing campaign in our marketing strategies, but is it effective? Is it giving your business the desired results? It has a great return on investment and is very reasonably priced. But, is it giving the optimum return on investment for you? Think from a receiver’s point of view. Numerous emails come to him/her every day, does he/she even have time to check all?

To reach out to your target audience most effectively, you need to learn certain tips to run successful email campaigns. 

Let us start with knowing what an email marketing campaign is.

When you as a businessman send an email to your customers or your prospective customers, is known as an email marketing campaign. It will be considered as a successful email marketing only when you can encourage your customer to take the desired action; in some cases, it might be visiting your webpage, or subscribing to your newsletter, or generating revenue through the sale.

This is the best form to build a personal contact with the customers, and thus it needs to be designed cautiously. 

The following steps will explain how to email marketing in the best possible way.

Have A Clear Perspective On Your Goals

For achieving in life, you need to have a clear vision about your goal, and it holds true for email marketing also. As the first step decide what you want to achieve through this email marketing campaign. Some common goals are:

o    New customers. Getting new customers by introducing your company and service.

o    Increasing customer participation. This can happen when you want to launch something new or feel that the value generated by repeated customers have started deteriorating. 

o    Re-building relationship with existing customers. The existing customers’ base is the most precious possession of yours so you should try to keep providing with the things or information of value. 

o    Know your customers better. By encouraging them to participate in questionnaires, you can know your customers better and plan your business strategies accordingly.

o    Subscription to your blog or webpage

 Draft your emails according to the purpose of the same.

Know Whom You Are Targeting

For an effective email marketing, you must know to whom you are sending your emails. If you start sending to a random audience, the chance of it being deleted is higher than being read. Take the help of correct online analytical tools, study the behavior of the market, and send emails only to a set of target audience.

The Internet is vast, and if you can utilize it properly, it can do wonders for you. There are various online podiums and AIs available, make the best usage of them for optimum results. 

Division of The Target Audience

Now that you have the target list ready with you, the next step is to segregate the same on the basis of action that you want from each audience. This will help you to automate emails reduce redundancy of work. You can segregate the audience base on the basis of the following:

o    Action desired

o    Demographics which includes age, gender, income, etc.

o    Psychographics which mostly includes the background, the socio-economic condition, etc.

o    Geographic location

o    Personal tastes and interests which also includes shopping pattern.

Strategize Emails and Follow-Ups

The next most important step for a successful email marketing campaign is planning. Once you have deiced on your goals, the type of emails you want to set, and the audience you want to target, now you need to draw your effective email marketing plan. 

Start writing down the answers to each of the following

o    What is the main purpose of the email?

o    What is the frequency at which you want to send the email?

o    What should be the content of your email? (Write down the first draft.)

You obviously want to be on top of the mind of your customers, but do not spam the mailbox of the recipients, and stick to the schedule. 

Email’s Subject Line: The First Impression

It is proven that the email marketing success depends on the subject line of the email as recipients will open the email only if the subject line grabs their attention. So our advice is to craft the subject line meticulously and intelligently. While it needs to be informative, it cannot be too long as most of the people access their emails on mobile. It also should be creatively crafted to draw the attention and increase the hit rate.  Some tips for the subject line:

o    Introduce your mail’s content.

o    Customize with names if possible.

o    Not copying from any other subject lines.

o    Not using words which can trigger the mail to the spam box.

o    Not using jargons.

Design the Email

For successful email marketing, you cannot afford to have a terrible looking design. Even before the recipient reads your email, the first impression gets created with the layout, color, fonts, and images you use in your email body. Some correct deigning techniques use:

o    Responsive design is the top priority.

o    More content and less image.

o    Give an ‘alt tag’ to the images so that even if it doesn’t open up your customers will know what it contains.

o    Use readable and common fonts so that it is accessible to all.

o    Keep it clean and well-spaced out.

The Content of The Email

Successful email campaigns writers try to create customized copies to build the bonding with the prospects. Keep the body of the email short and do not be too direct in the first email itself. Do a thorough research of the audience, and you will get the best content for your email marketing campaign.

Test and Analyze

To keep on growing and to get better results, you need to test the current emails; their content, subject line, designing, number of hits, and the results generated from it. Only after you test and analyze the current email marketing success, you will be able to design a better plan for the future.

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